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White and Gold Dress? Try This Trick!


I thought this dress drama was dumb (still do). Then it was fascinating. Then it freaked me out.

After examining this dress for an amount of time I’m embarrassed to disclose, I now see its true colors. Originally, all I could see was white and gold. I would have said that you had to get your eyes checked if you saw anything different. I thought the dress was actually blue and black but the picture’s colors had been changed for it to look white and gold. Who knows?

I tried to look at it in different angles. White and gold. Under different light. White and gold. Even tried to edit it to manipulate the colors. White and gold. Anyone who sees blue and black needs an eye exam, seriously.

Then, I tried something that would change the way I see this dress forever. Once you see it blue and black, you cannot unsee it! Try it for yourself.

Cover the picture with your hand. Slowly undress the picture starting from the left side until all you can see is the dress from the dark shadow line under her left shoulder. You should only see the darkest part of the dress on the left. Blur your eyes, squint if you have to and try to see blue and black. Once you do, slowly reveal the rest of the dress going right. You should see a blue and black dress now.

What the…? Playing tricks on you, huh? I can now see it both ways. If I stop looking at it and come back to it, I can see white and gold, but it’s hard to unsee blue and black once you have.

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