Wide Left Turns

04 Nov


Who in their right mind takes a wide left turn?!… in a sedan?! One of my big driving pet peeves, but it’s not talked about enough. Nor should it be, because it affects no one but me apparently. But I will NOT digress!

So I’m driving behind someone who shifts into the left turn lane. There are 2 lanes, 2… 2, of oncoming traffic to their left. Plenty of legal traffic real estate. They slow down and I’m about to pass them at my safe, calm, and still constant speed when all of a sudden. “What’s this person’s problem?!” I’m confused. The car does a quick check to the right and then turns left. I’m perplexed. Was there a dead squirrel on the left side of the turn lane they saw at the last second and they didn’t want to bloody their tires? I mean, it wasn’t a u-turn. No one crept into the turn lane from the other side, there was no squirrel.

For the next several seconds, I’m wondering to myself, “how does this happen?” You deliberately have to turn the steering wheel to the right for the car to creep right. Unless there are some serious alignment issues or you got stung by a bee while driving, there is no reason to shift to the right to turn left! None. Unless you’re used to driving a semi and forgot you were in a car a fraction of the size, forgive me. This isn’t directed at you. But please, drivers. This isn’t Formula 1 racing at 10 miles-per-hour with sharp turns. It’s a simple left turn with no curb. Just turn.

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